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CodeyVerse is a Web3 community where kids aged 9-15 develop their lifelong passion for computer science with your help.
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What's the situation?
The internet age marked a huge paradigm shift in terms of what people think is possible– from social media’s long algorithmic shadow on popular culture, to major developments in digital commerce, and the birth pangs of widespread blockchain technology. The way the world moves is going to look very, very different in the near future.

In a 2020 report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), about 85 million jobs are set to be automated by 2025. These are staggering figures, but there will also be a compensatory opening of new opportunities, particularly in the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the maintenance of various automated processes– about 97 million new positions according to the WEF.It’s then abundantly clear that mastery over computing technology is going to give people a huge leg up in tomorrow’s world. Here, we identify a key demographic: children from the ages of 9-15. On top of growing up as digital natives, kids have the curiosity, plasticity, and potential to excel at these fields down the line if afforded the right opportunities and resources. As Filipinos in the tech space, we’re in a unique position that allows us to push towards these ends.
What happens next?
Building off of growing support for the Web3 platform, CodeyVerse will mint and sell NFTs towards the goal of funding code camp scholarships for the DEVCON Kids program.
Meet the next generation of computer scientists
The world we live in is built on computer science! As digital natives, today's youth are fortunate enough to grow up in an age of unprecedented innovation-- one that'll only present more opportunity as technology develops.

Fields as diverse as entertainment, business, and governance grow increasingly digital by the day, and it's on us to make sure the kids are empowered and ready.

This is why we do what we do. At CodeyVerse, we hold space for tomorrow's computer geniuses-- opening new worlds for them, that they may open new worlds for all of us.
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Running on Sparkles!
The CodeyVerse helps fund the DEVCON Kids program with every NFT it mints and sells. Each sale gives another child a life-changing head start with our world-class code camps.

NFT purchases are converted to Sparkles– the CodeyVerse’s very own energy source. Sparkles are awarded to both donors and deserving students, giving them access to exclusive perks and assets.
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